Joseph Carter: Thriller addict, espionage enthusiast, author

Having worked in the digital industry for over 20 years and having been addicted to spy thrillers for even longer, Joseph Carter started to follow his passion in 2018 when he began work on Another Man’s Freedom Fighter. His debut takes the reader on an exciting journey from Berlin to Warsaw, and Moscow. Most reviewers characterized Carter’s first novel as “a little bit of everything for those who love spy thrillers …. war, espionage, spies, covert freedom fighters, and of course, politics” and the plot as “not only possible but frighteningly believable”.

Born and raised in West-Germany during the Cold War, Carter is a veteran of the German Bundeswehr Signals Corps, and today lives in Berlin with his family. He is a master scuba diver, boatsman, an expert marksman, and speaks five languages. He loves travel, wine, and good food.